„We truly appreciate the collaboration with Loose, von Unruh & Partner. Through them, we've been able to develop new perspectives regarding the change processes affecting our organisation. They've always given us valuable, unique and customized solutions as to how the development of our staff can go hand in hand with the development of our business."

Martina Erwig, Head of Leadership & Competence,
IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG

Personal in Veranderung 1629b„We've shared with Loose, von Unruh & Partner a long and very trusting collaboration. On account of confident personalities on one hand, as well as an extremely high degree of professionalism on the other, they both enjoy a high degree of acceptance among our senior executives and board of management. We enjoy working with them because they always have an excellent overview, from the genesis of our entrepreneurial idea to the structures and processes that eventually make up our existing enterprise and management culture. With taking all this into consideration Loose, von Unruh & Partner is consistently able to deliver the best posible measures to support our planned changes. Their tremendous flexibility and tolerance in view of sudden changes are certainly appreciated!"

Torsten Thomczyk, Head of Human Ressources Development,
Mannheimer Versicherungen AG

„From the very beginning, I've appreciated the openness, the valuable feedback and above all, the clarity and consistency. Kailash's continuous support contributed significantly to the success of the restructuring process, and also, to no small but lasting degree my personal development. Thank you indeed for such heart-warming professionalism."

Markus Geörger, Head of IKEA Food Germany,
Ikea Deutschland GmbH & Co KG

„I found the course to be extremely thought provoking and set at a level that made the student find their own answers rather than subscribe to a series of lectured course notes. It was a very good balance between theory and "in life" practical deployment ... Often the outcome could be taken directly back into the working environment... A course for all walks of leaders delivered by a true leader in this field."

Darren Unwin, IS Service Manager DB Systel, Doncaster
Participant of the course „Leader as consultant in Change processes" conducted in English language for DB Training, Learning & Consulting

„I found the collaboration with Ms Loose very pleasant and supportive. I particularly like how she is able to adapt current developments to our training program "Management in Change" which we've been running for two years. She's able to hone in on the situations and precise needs of our participants and shows in the process a high degree of flexibility and intuitive understanding.

Petra Tengel, Head of personnel development,
DB Systel – Deutsche Bahn Mobility Logistics AG

"I experience the cooperation with Mrs. Loose as extremely pleasant and constructive. She assists me in discovering new viewpoints and in finding a broader basis for my decisions. I particularly appreciate that I never get the impression that Mrs. Loose merely wants to sell consulting days but that she is always genuinely interested in the best possible solution for our business."

Armin Borovicka, Grafisches Zentrum Drucktechnik Ditzingen

"After more than two years of intensive cooperation, I am grateful for Mrs. Loose's many innovative ideas and solutions. With humor and sensitivity, she accomplishes major learning successes among executive managers and staff alike. I totally trust that her effort will take our business into the right direction."

Simone Bosch, Personalentwicklung Citigroup

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