• The so-called "soft factors" such as managerial style, work atmosphere, employee motivation and communication are just as crucial to the success of change processes as the clandestine rules within a company (or a department). All factors need to be consciously directed within the framework of a change process.
  • Employees would be willing to support the change process and participate in it if they feel that they are being taken seriously and if they recognize the meaning and purpose of it. All employees are inherently interested in the success of their company.
  • Change is a process and its success depends on the design of it. The process and its decision structures need to be comprehensible for everyone who is engaged in it.
  • Every company organizes itself according to its own rules and within its own intellectual framework. Thus, it is impossible for an outsider to change an organization according to a prefabricated concept. We highly respect your company's history and culture and design the change process within that framework.
  • In order to be effective, change must originate from within the company itself. As consultants, we initiate processes and accompany the implementation, among other things by making existent corporate mentalities and practices transparent.

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