Teamrally in the area of finances and accounting

The unit "finances and accounting" of an electronics company asked us to initiate a team development measure for their entire staff. During the first meeting, it became obvious that the management did not have a common understanding in terms of the unit's future direction.

At a one-day workshop, we developed a team vision for the unit, together with the business unit management and senior staff. However, during subsequent staff interviews it became apparent that the realization of the vision within the teams would not be easily accomplished. Quite a number of conflicts and "territorial quarrels" among staff came to light and the atmosphere was characterized by fear and an overall aversion against a team development measure.

Since the expectations with regards to the common alignment process were quite contradictory, we decided to have a team-rally. Small mixed groups had to find a "way" together and in the process had to depend on the other groups. Along the way they had to cope with various tasks such as, for instance, gathering ideas for the implementation of the business unit vision.

A playful interaction during the rally enabled the staff to understand each other in new ways and at the same time presented an opportunity to deal with future challenges. During the following day, the participants were able to constructively develop agreements for their cooperation in a relaxed atmosphere.

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