Development of a newly assembled team

A supplier of the automobile industry was in the middle of a restructuring process of its international purchasing department. The company was now facing the challenge to integrate its regional purchasers into a central purchasing process. We received the order to moderate the initial event with 35 purchasers from all over the globe.

The two-day event was meant to create a common team understanding and therefore enhance the commitment of the local teams.

The head of the central purchasing department opened the event with a presentation of his vision for the company by means of a story. Then the participants discussed the "strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats" (SWOT-analysis) in order to learn from them for the future. A session on cultural differences as well as the discussion of new suggestions for solutions, using the Open Space methodology, provided clear insight for a new team understanding.

The results of the first day were summarized and translated into measures for the future. Furthermore, concrete agreements on cooperation were reached. At the end of the event, the participants painted a picture of their common vision. Today the original is hanging on a wall of the central purchasing department's premises and a copy of it can be found in each office of the regional teams.

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