A team rally is an effective method of team development. Two teams with different tasks are sent through open country. Both teams depend on each other for reaching their destination, since only team A knows team B's directions and vice versa. Thus, the two teams not only need to find strategies and solutions for themselves but also need to support each other.

Each team receives an array of tasks. We usually use a mixture of work related questions (e.g. What does a particular aspect of the company's vision mean for our department? How can we improve our customer orientation?) and team dynamic tasks (e.g. forming a square out of a rope while blindfolded). Moving through the country together, as well as the experiential education features of the event itself, facilitates communication, enables the participants to shift their approach, and promotes a formal and informal exchange between the participants.

We then reflect on the resulting communication and self-organization processes from different angles:

  • Which interactive patterns and dynamics became apparent?
  • How were decisions made? Who took leadership and in which way?
  • Which rally incidents corresponded with everyday work situations?
  • What are our common goals?
  • What do we have in common and what separates us?

Common agreements and measures for the overall process are then created and implemented.

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