The interview process aims at examining a particular issue from different perspectives. In addition to management, staff, colleagues, and possibly customers are interviewed with regards to a particular situation or circumstance. The results of the interviews are then categorized and, through means of hypotheses, serve as a starting point for the design of a process or event.

Our methodology is usually based on half-standardized interviews, which means we use a list of questions as a basis for the interviews. The interview itself contains features of a regular conversation. Wherever it seems applicable, we ask additional questions. If we do not understand what the interviewee means, or if the meaning of an answer is ambiguous, we explore the subject again. That is the great advantage of half-standardized interviews in comparison to fully standardized questionnaires: The thoughts somebody has when answering standardized questions remain unrecorded in the analysis. Interviews, however, illuminate the reasons for a subjective point of view and allow a more detailed explanation as to how somebody experiences a given situation or problem.

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