A business specific competence model consists of different competence profiles and describes what is expected of all staff belonging to a particular "job-family". It refers to the individual objectives of their position, their core tasks and the competencies that derive from these aspects.

Competency can be described as the sum of everything a person knows, does, and desires. Thus, competency describes the knowledge, abilities, skills, and attitudes that a person brings to her assignment.

The individual objective results from the operationalized goals of the enterprise within the respective responsibilities and the direction of the position with regards to that goal.

The definition of core tasks results from the following questions: What needs to be done in order to fully accomplish the individual objective? Which competencies are needed to accomplish the core tasks well?

Competence profiles make expectations known and transparent within the corporate environment. They serve as a basis for all kinds of personnel development concepts, in recruiting as well as in training, and the assessment of staff and management.

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