The objective of one of our first conversations with you is to get a more detailed understanding of your goals and expectations as a client and gain additional background information. In the framework of the assignment clarification we define which specific tasks we are going to focus on.

A thorough clarification is a necessary prerequisite for us in order to work successfully and goal-oriented according to your desires. The affected target groups are usually included in the assignment clarification through subsequent interviews.

Questions included in an assignment clarification are typically as follows:

Who wants a change? What is the reason? Exactly what changes are desired? How are you going to measure your success? Which results would you definitely like to avoid? What undesired changes and what kind of existing "risks and side effects" should be obviated? Which existing strengths, advantages, and special qualities must not be jeopardized? What attempts have already been made to solve the problem? What has been impeding a solution thus far?

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