• Profound reflection on the leadership role and your own attitude is crucial to coherent leadership. Only those who make a conscious decision to do this and take on the role of leadership will be enthusiastic and successful leaders in the long run.
  • In the future, successful management will increasingly mean being able to channel the momentum of employees and convey values and a sense of context. **
  • Managers need to keep the balance between changing and preserving, between rousing to action and providing security, between understanding and confronting, between providing personal freedom and defining clear limits.
  • There is no one correct style of leadership. Only those who have acquired a broad behavioural repertoire and make use of it consciously can meet the many different demands they are faced with.
  • Successful leadership is primarily based on an inner attitude that allows employees to develop their potential and contribute their creative skills, talent and commitment in the interest of the company.
  • Theoretical models can serve as a blueprint to widen our understanding, to realign ourselves and find answers.

** Forum Gute Führung (Good Leadership), study results from nextpractice

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