Five years ago, we were able to describe our approach very clearly; today, we encounter such diverse corporate worlds that we look for the most appropriate approach for the development of management personnel with each company individually. Sometimes, a first step can involve discussing exactly what your management requirements are and taking a look at this field of tension. There are no easy answers for increasingly complex management situations.

Management development for us means taking the person, the role and the situation or context equally into consideration. We create space for development in which confidence is built up so that your company's managers learn with and from each other. This creates the possibility of openly sharing questions and doubts, uncertainties and successes with each other. Managers who go through this process gain new orientation and move with more certainty in this field of tension as a result.

Together with you, we develop formats (workshops, committees, communication situations, large group interventions) in which your image of management is apparent. This process centres on interacting outside of operative business situations, to engage in dialogue, to negotiate roles and requirements, to clarify expectations and create understanding. The goal is to find a common approach, which provides meaning and orientation.

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