Development of team leaders with regard to newly developed competence profiles

A large commercial enterprise has developed new competence profiles for the trainee sales managers in its branches. These competence profiles are to be introduced throughout the company. The aim is to have the executives concerned address the new responsibilities, identify their development needs, to work on said development keenly, and to continue to develop any lacking skills. To this end, the existing competence profiles are initially translated into specific practices, in concert with a group of people affected, and key success factors for trainee sales managers are defined. This is used to develop a self-assessment questionnaire with which the trainee sales managers can assess their own performance and that they also use to receive feedback from their supervisors and colleagues/employees.

Based on these initial findings and their first self-assessment, the trainee sales managers then attend a 3-day "Development Centre (DC)". The purpose of this seminar is to address the necessary skills in greater detail in order to find out which of them they have already mastered and which they need to develop (further). In order to keep everything as practical as possible and ensure a high level of acceptance, the skills are tested and practiced on the basis of a case study taken from the participants' everyday working practice. This case study represents a general exercise scenario, i.e. a "story" that can be continued with the same protagonists.

The participants use the first 2 days to get into the story and practice the desired skills. On the 3rd day, outside observers join the workshop. The observers rank higher than the participants, are from the same area of activity, but work in different branches. They are selected carefully and are coached in advance. Individual, mission-critical management situations are observed during the role-play. The observers monitor the role-play on the basis of a detailed questionnaire that enables them to subsequently provide specific, detailed feedback on the defined skills. After the DC, the participants have a further meeting with their supervisor in order to discuss their findings and the identified potential. The supervisor helps the participants to continue developing the necessary skills in their day-to-day work. Following the DC, head office offers customised workshops for the groups' key areas of development.

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