You're looking for a coach for yourself because you would like advice on a specific problem/situation. In this case, arrange a non-binding introductory meeting with us. After this meeting you decide whether we can help you as a coach, and whether coaching is right for you in general.

Your boss/HR department has suggested coaching to you as a tool for personal development. We were recommended to you as a possible coaching firm. In this case, the first step is again to arrange a non-binding introductory meeting with us so you can determine whether our consulting process is right for you. If you decide that it is, your direct supervisor would be the one who orders the coaching process. We could arrange, for example, a kick-off meeting with your supervisor to discuss your coaching goals. This "three-way meeting" can be repeated at the end of the coaching process to reflect on the changes you have achieved.

  • One process usually requires five to ten coaching appointments, each lasting between one-and-a-half and three hours. Two appointments may be spaced over several weeks. "Transfer tasks" may be assigned during this period.
  • Every coaching process begins with making agreements on first objectives and also on practical aspects such as location and dates, cancellation and payment.
  • The coaching process is confidential. Excluding the three-way meeting that may be held with your manager, the coach is not obliged to give out information to anyone. The coachee alone decides whether and what information should be passed on to management, for example.

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