• You have just been promoted. You want to avoid making any mistakes in your new position and are wondering what stance you should take on leadership to be successful in this new situation. How can you make a good start in your new leadership position and what do you need to be aware of?
  • An employee survey has given you feedback that you personally find hard to take. How can you best use the feedback to your advantage and to make changes?
  • Your previous department was split up into several teams during restructuring. You now have a different scope of duties as a result and are finding it hard to work with your new colleagues. What can you do to manage this difficult situation and to make the most out of it for yourself and your colleagues?
  • You have been under a lot of pressure at work for some time now. Recently you've been asking yourself more and more often whether you're truly satisfied with your current situation and whether you want to stay in this position in the long term. What were your initial goals and wishes in joining the company and what responsibilities do you have now, not only towards your customers and colleagues but also to yourself and your family?

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